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    Jomayli / vein care cream

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    End varicose veins and dark veins under the skin 

    The Jomayli cream formula has been scientifically proven to :

    - Penetrate deep under the skin to reach and resolve varicose veins
    - Reduce the visible appearance of varicose veins in the legs by 85% in 2 months
    - Dissolve obstructions in varicose veins with a patented nano-hypertonic saline       
    - Resolve tensions and elongations in the legs
    - Eliminate bad toxins that have accumulated over the years



    Inexpensive and painless

    Try our Jomayli cream and you'll adopt it ! Treat your legs gently and affordably. There are countless gimmicky treatments available today, and most of them are expensive and don't give real results. Our Jomayli cream will make your legs soft and beautiful, no more complexes and pains !



    Specifications :

    - Ingredients: Angelica Root, Safflower, Ginger Extract, Carbomer, Nicotinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate
    - visible result between 2 and 6 months depending on the progress of your varicose veins or blue veins under the skin


    With over 10,000 satisfied customers, we're sure you'll love our Omayli backpack. You'll also get 24/7 customer service if you have any questions 




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